Home Based Business Coach

greig1Neal Walters recently earned the dual Traffic Geyser 2.0 and Top Gun certification at a Mike Koenigs private training event in San Diego.  Neal has set up http://WaltersMarketing.com to share some of the key benefits of what he learned to business people interested in 1) improving their marketing, 2) generating new sales leads, 3) staying in contact with their leads.

One of the features of Instant Customer is the ability to use SMS text-based marketing.  For example, at an event, a speaker can show a slide of his “crowd grabber.”  This is a tool generated by Instant Customer to allow that speaker to capture the contact information of interested people in the audience.  Rather than forcing the prospects to use one specific type of media, they can use a variety of contact methods, including:  1) Text your name and email to a phone number, 2) Call a phone number and leave a voice message which is automatically entered into the system, 3) Scanning a QR code, 4) a traditional web site form,  or 5) the speaker can collect business cards and use a smart-phone app to capture them.

Neal also provides SEO services, reputation management and “quick fame”, along with services designed to help make you the instant expert, such as helping you publish your first book within two months.

Neal’s personal website can be found here: http://NealWalters.com

Following is a video from Neal inviting you to further check out his videos on his marketing site: